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Flat Tip Hair Extensions

What are flat tip hair extensions?

Hot and trending in the world of hair extensions is a new type of extension that’s a hybrid of the Tape-In and I-Link extensions (beaded extensions), is Flat tip hair extensions.

The Flat tip hair extensions refers to the method in which the tip of the hair is made in flat shape. Keratin tip with the best quality makes it easy for you to have a new hair in the shortest time. Just in a few minutes, you get a different hairstyle which enables you to be more confident in your daily life.

The Flat-Tip Hair Extension lies flat while still allowing 360-degree movement. And, the best part is they feel different!

How they feel flat tip hair extensions?

They feel comfortable…

Flat-Tip Extensions are supremely comfortable, even to the point where users forget that they were wearing hair extensions at all. This is because Flat-Tip Extensions move easily within the hair and rest flat against the head, making for 24/7 comfort and a natural feel.

They are adaptable…

The dual nature of Flat-Tip means that these extensions function as both strands and wefts, and are able to adapt seamlessly to any situation. When you’re moving, the hair behaves like a strand, moving fluidly and beautifully with you. When you’re sitting still or lying down, the hair behaves like a weft, laying totally flat and smooth.

They feel natural…

With all their comfort and adaptability, we think it’s safe to say that Flat-Tip Extensions behave the same way as your natural hair. They move like your hair, lay like your hair, and—most importantly—they feel like your hair.

Which color of flat tip hair extensions?

Besides having high quality of keratin, flat tip hair also owns other good characteristics. It is made of 100% Vietnamese human hair. In addition, there is no chemical or synthetic mixed in any of our hair extensions. The flat tip hair extensions are available for Natural color, dark color and light color. We have flat tip hair extensions in our store, and we are the best wholesale flat tip hair extensions in Vietnam with factory price.

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All texture
  • All texture
  • Bone straight
  • Kinky Curl
  • Kinky Straight
  • Straight
  • Wavy/Curly
  • Yaki Straight
All color
  • All Color
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Other Color
All type
  • All type
  • Cambodian Hair
  • Double Drawn Hair
  • Single Drawn Hair
  • Super Double Drawn Hair
  • Vietnamese Hair
All hair length
  • All hair length
  • 10inch - 15inch
  • 15inch - 20inch
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  • 35inch+
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