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Wholesale human hair suppliers in South Africa: How is the best hair business?

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In South Africa, there are no Manufacturer Hair Suppliers or Wholesale Hair Suppliers. Most wholesale human hair suppliers in South Africa have to import hair from Vietnamese hair factories to get the best wholesale price. So if you are from South Africa and want to find wholesale hair suppliers in South Africa to buy, then you can only buy from South Africa suppliers, you cannot find any hair suppliers in South Africa.

human hair supplier in south africa
Best human hair supplier

Overview about wholesale human hair suppliers in South Africa

In South Africa, there are no hair factories. South Africa hair sellers have to import hair directly from Vietnamese hair factory sellers. So if you want to buy wholesale hair suppliers in South Africa, or start your wholesale hair suppliers in South Africa, you must contact #Vietnamhair1993 to get a lot of information on how to import, step by step,…Because only When you buy directly from Vietnam, you can get the best price from wholesale suppliers in South Africa.

Main characteristics of wholesale hair suppliers in South Africa

Hair extensions can create lucrative business opportunities in African countries and especially in South Africa. According to Reuters, the wig and textile market in Africa is worth more than $6 billion a year and is growing year on year. In South Africa, where the hair market is thriving, the demand for human hair is growing rapidly. Proceeding from the need to change women’s hairstyle, businessmen can seize the opportunity and make a profit.

Origin of Hair Extensions in South Africa

  • The origin of hair extensions began in Egypt, but also spread to other parts of Africa.
  • For centuries, the traditional African braiding technique has included extensions in various forms, throughout the vast continent. These braids are culturally, spiritually, and aesthetically significant in many parts of Africa.
  • Hairstyles include different extensions from parts of Africa.
  • For example, Mbalantu of the Wambo group in Namibia had his hair braided down to his ankles using fringe extensions. This particular style is recognizable and recognized by all who see it with a subtle technique. Many African hair extensions are decorated with cowhide, feathers, and other natural accessories.

The specific feature of Hair Extensions in South Africa

  • Mainly taken hair from villager women between 18 and 25 years old who live in high mountains where their hair is not affected by sunlight.
  • It is mostly unprocessed hair.
  • The quality of your hair is as durable and strong as the health of the donor (mountain people).

Pros and cons when buying hair extensions from wholesale hair suppliers in South Africa

South Africa is the largest country of hair extensions in the world, with a large number of workshops, what are the advantages and disadvantages of buying hair extensions from wholesale hair suppliers in South Africa?

The advantages

•         ALWAYS IN STOCK: The hair extensions is always available in wholesale hair extensions stock in South Africa, so the time for customers to receive products is usually very short.

The disadvantages

•         USE A LOT OF CHEMICALS – to be able to create a variety of hairstyles and colors to attract customers, so their hair looks shiny. Also, because the hair is always in stock, they will use chemicals to make the hair less dry. But after using it for a short time, the hair dry and tangled.

•         EASILY TANGLED AND FALLING OUT AFTER A SHORT TIME OF USE: Because the hair is Remy hair and non-Remy hair, most of which are obtained from hair loss, the origin is not guaranteed.

•         SHORT DURABILITY: Normally the hair can only be used for 3-6 months and then it gets dry, tangled and falls off.

Should I start a hair business in South Africa?

Nowadays, the demand for wigs has grown a lot. A woman can have many wigs for different holidays. Hair reselling and wig manufacturing is a potential business for anyone to start. Starting a business means that you have to put down money as the first capital to run the business. Therefore, hair wholesale suppliers are very confused about whether to start a wholesale supplier business in South Africa? Here I am going to give you reasons to prove that starting South Africa business is a great idea.

•    Having good hair has always been a great demand of all women. Strong, silky hair gives confidence and a beautiful appearance.

•    Vietnamese hair factories currently have many policies for wholesalers and new companies selling hair. So starting a hard business with Vietnamese hair is an excellent idea.

•    The demand for beauty is increasing, especially the demand for good hair. Many countries have become perfect markets for the hair industry to grow, and South Africa is one of them.

•    Most South Africa women were born with fine, curly hair, and the climate there is also not a perfect condition for beautiful hair to grow.

•    As the demand for hair grows, wholesalers appear more and more these days. There are three main countries supplying wholesale hair to South Africa: Vietnam, China and India.

Why does Vietnamese Hair Extension offer the best quality products?

Nowadays, the best wholesale hair suppliers in Vietnam are still trying their best to develop and aim to be the biggest supplier of hair extensions internationally. The affordable price range for buyers so that they can optimize the hair extensions import fee. We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), Paypal, Western Union, MoneyGram or bank transfer.

Human hair supplier in Vietnam
Best human hair supplier in Vietnam

The quality of hair extensions service

•         The best hair quality in the market. Vietnamese hair is famous for its long-term durability and high quality in many climatic conditions.

•         As mentioned above, Vietnamese women use natural vegetation to keep hair in the best silky and perfect shape.

In terms of Reasonable price

•         Reasonably priced from $8.6/pack.

•         The Vietnamese price is adequate although it is higher than that of foreign sellers because the quality of Vietnamese products is many times higher.

In terms of Customer services

•         Vietnamhair1993 are the top suppliers that provide customers with a “Returns and Exchanges” policy.

•         Some Vietnamese wholesale hair suppliers have a guarantee policy that ensures all customers can get a suitable product for the money they have paid.

Vietnamhair1993 Return and Exchange Policy


•         The products remain in the original state in the video (the video before shipment).

•         The products are unused.

Shipping costs:

•         Manufacturer errors: When the merchandise has faults such as incorrect types or manufacturer errors, the shipping cost will be borne by the company VIETNAM HAIR 1993.

•         Customer Errors: When problems are the result of customers, the responsibility for the shipping fee belongs to the customers.


•         Only when the products comply with the conditions of VIETNAM HAIR 1993, customers can receive refunds in Paypal or bank accounts.

Why should I choose VIETNAM HAIR 1993? Best wholesale human hair extensions in Vietnam

Human hair supplier in Vietnam

•         High quality: All Vietnam Hair 1993 products are of high quality with 100% human hair from Vietnam.

•         Price: Our price is direct factory price.

•         Flexible payment: We accept many payment methods (credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), Paypal, Western Union, MoneyGram, or bank transfer).

•         Return and Warranty Policy: We have a flexible and customer-friendly return and warranty policy.

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