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Facts about Wholesale Hair Vendors In Cameroon

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Have you ever considered purchasing Cameroon Wholesale Hair Vendors’ Hair Extensions? The Hair Extension sector in this city is claimed to be the main market for both Americans and international visitors. This article will offer you a quick rundown of wholesale hair vendors in Cameroon.

Best wholesale hair in cameroon
Best wholesale human hair in Cameroon

1. Overview about Wholesale Hair Vendors in Cameroon

The hair extensions industry is the most traditional market with great demand for most women globally among the strong rising beauty industries in the twenty-first century. If you want to import hair from Wholesale human hair in Cameroon, below is everything you need:

1.1 Main features of the Hair Extensions from Wholesale Hair Vendors in Cameroon

It is true that practically all Cameroon Hair Extensions wholesalers are retailers who import Hair Extensions from international hair factories such as Vietnam, China, India, Russia, and other countries.

As a result, the origin of Cameroon Hair Extensions varies greatly and is determined by the quality of each source. More specifically, Vietnam Hair Extensions is regarded as the major provider to the Cameroon market. More than 80% of Cameroonian hair vendors have acknowledged Vietnam Hair Factory as an official hair supplier in Cameroon and have signed a long-term deal with them.

1.2 Pros and cons when buying Hair Extensions from Wholesale Hair Vendors in Cameroon

1.2.1 The Advantages of Wholesale Hair Vendors in Cameroon

Good Quality Hair Extensions: 

  • As they are resellers, they regulate all quality according to specified requirements from the beginning.
  • Most wholesale hair merchants in Cameroon offer Rating Scales to rate the quality of imported hair extensions, allowing you to choose the best product for your business.

Wide range of choices: 

  • Cameroon hair wholesale Vendors have a large choice of products, so they can bring you any hair extensions you want.
  • They categorize their products into many levels to accommodate every customer’s budget.

1.2.1 The Disadvantages of Wholesale Hair Vendors in Cameroon

Higher cost compared to the price offered by other countries:

  • Almost all Cameroonian Hair Supplier do not own their own hair factory. As a result, all hair extensions are imported to Cameroon and ordered for locals, which includes international shipping and delivery fees, thus the price is several times greater. As the hair extensions are imported from international corporations, they are considered resale providers in the Cameroon market.

Limited available hair in stock

  •  Wholesale Hair Vendors are dependent on foreign factories and unable to manage their own operations. In some situations, they may be unable to bring the product to you in stock.

2. Top 4 Best Wholesale Hair Vendors in Cameroon

The following is a list of the Top 4 Hair vendors in Cameroon that you should consider when deciding to start a hair business:

wholesale human hair in cameroon
Best hair vendors in Cameroon

2.1 Hair Beauty Ltd – A Famous Wholesale Hair Vendor in Cameroon


  • Natural hair, Remy Russian Indian hair or Chinese hair
  • Single cuticle hair quality
  • Tangle-free and soft hair extensions in all sizes and colors

2.2 NATS BEAUTY LTD – A Wholesale Hair Vendor in Cameroon

  • NATS BEAUTY LTD is based in the small commodity city of Douala and specializes in a wide range of human/synthetic hair products.
  • The facility, which covers an area of 2,000 square meters and employs over 500 people, was established in 2006. They have around 1,000 different high-quality items.
  • All of the products are highly received by our customers.

2.3 Expots Et Import Des Produits – A Well-known Wholesale Hair Vendor in Cameroon


  • 100% human hair
  • new design human hair
  • wholesale human hair

2.4 Fashionlook.Co.Ltd – A Wholesale Hair Vendor in Cameroon

  • These Hair Extensions were created with ease of use in mind. The hair extensions are thinly crafted and glide beautifully in hair. For quick and easy application, this plume features a Keratin wax tip that holds the feathers together.
  • All colors will vary in tone from feather to feather because these are professional salon quality.

3. 5 Tips to find the best hair vendor

  1. Do Your Research & Make A Shortlist.
  2. Get To Know The Selected Vendors. You should trust your vendor, and when you make an order, you should feel assured.
  3. Ask For Hair Vendor Samples.
  4. Choose The Suitable Payment Channels.
  5. Start Thinking About Your Business Plan.

4. Why Vietnamese Hair Extension is the best choice for the business of Wholesale Hair Vendors in Cameroon?

In the international hairdressing market, Vietnam Human Hair Extensions Vendors are delighted to give the greatest quality at reasonable costs. Vietnam Hair Factories have recently been acknowledged as one of the leading hairdressing machine suppliers in the world, offering the best Extension products.

4.1. Characteristics of Vietnamese Hair – the best choice for the business of Wholesale Hair Vendors in Cameroon

The following are the qualities of Vietnamese hair:

  • The majority of the hair is raw.
  • The majority of the samples were collected from 18-25-year-old village women living in the high highlands, where their hair is not impacted by the sun.
  • Their hair is as strong and durable as the donor’s (mountain people).

4.2 Features of Vietnamese Hair – the best choice for the business of Wholesale Hair Vendors in Cameroon

  • Vietnamese ladies rarely have their hair straightened or processed.
  • The hair is skillfully handcrafted.
  • The texture is very thick, smooth, and silky – Due to its ability to keep curls as well as its softness, this hair is in high demand.

4.3 Vietnamese Hair Factories – The best seller for the Wholesale Hair Vendors in Cameroon

  • For any business, working with a Vietnamese Hair Factory is the best choice because they always focus on hair quality, with the goal of building customer loyalty and branding.
  • Although the prices of hair products and other services from Vietnam hair extension Vendors are higher than other suppliers, they are of the best quality.
  • Since customers are willing to pay for high-quality products, you can build a loyal customer profile first.

4.4 Positive Customer Feedback of Vietnamese Hair Factories – The best seller for the Wholesale Hair Vendors in Cameroon

Almost all of the top-rated Vietnamese Hair Salons provide high-quality services at cheap prices. Surprisingly, Vietnamese hairdressers are regarded as highly nice and stylish. That is why so many overseas buyers are interested in purchasing Vietnamese hair.

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