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How To Refresh Your Human Hair Wig

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Before you focus on changing your style or making a human hair wig, it’s crucial to treat your human hair well. Human hair wigs should be treated just as properly as your real hair. If you want to keep your human hair wig in good condition, you need to give it proper care. We all worry when our human hair wig starts to get messy because many of us think there’s no way to fix it. I’m here to tell you that you can repair your hair and make it look new. There are tricks you can use to correct these problems and prevent future problems:


Tip # 1

Buy shampoo and conditioner designed for human hair wigs. Sometimes the chemicals in our favorite shampooing products are just too harsh for human hair wigs, so it’s necessary to buy the right products. Luckily, there are products specifically designed for 100 human hair wigs, so you can use the right product.

Tip # 2

Don’t sleep or shower with a real hair wigs on! I’m sure many of you know this, but make sure you take off your real hair wigs before you shower and rest to keep it in tip-top condition.

Tip # 3

Put your human hair wig in the right place. Don’t leave your real hair wigs on the floor or anywhere else. It’s best to place your hair where you would normally hang it so it doesn’t get tangled. This makes it easy for you to grab and install the next day.

Tip # 4

Gently brush the human hair wig off if necessary. If you don’t want more hair to fall out from your wig, please gently comb your hair to keep it neat and thick.

Tip # 5

Do not neglect your natural hair. Make sure your natural hair is well taken care of, too!

It’s just as necessary to keep your hair and your human hair wig. Natural hair color should be your first choice.

There are many special hair care tips for a particular wig. However, these are general suggestions to help you care for any wig you are interested in.

Lace Human Hair


Modeling of heating

There are several types of human hair wigs. Vietnam, Malaysian, Brazilian, HD lace front wigtransparent lace wig, headband wig, straight hair, curly, long, short, and many different colors. If you buy a black long straight hair, which is a natural style, you can never go wrong because it’s so smooth and soft!

However, after the third week, you may start to tire of it and feel that she has no characteristics and will have a more striking appearance. One of the easiest ways to change your hairstyle is to heat it. With a curling iron, you can turn your hair from sexy and smooth to cute and curly in just a little time. Unlike some types of synthetic hair wigs, human hair wigs work well when heated. The second important advantage is that when you want to straighten your human hair again, you can effectively use the straightener to restore your human hair. Perms are a great option because you can go from straight hair to curly hair at any time without damaging your human hair wig.

Lace human hair
hair wig

Dye your human hair wig

Human hair wigs dye very easily. You can color your hair naturally with any ordinary hair dye. You can lighten your hair a bit, but it should be up to you as the bleach may weaken the hair on the wig. It’s also a good idea to wash your human hair wig after you dye it to give it a beautiful natural sheen. Some hair coloring techniques include split dyes, highlights, gradients, balayage, stripes, etc. There are lots of fun ways to make your human hair wig look beautiful.

Decorate your original human hair wig

While I have listed a few tips and tricks on how to change your hairstyle of human hair wigs, I know some people who love long, straight hair and just want a temporary change, and that’s ok because you have a lot of options. Best of all, these styles work with both human and synthetic hair. Some simple forms include:

Wear a hat – this is a simple and cute way to temporarily change your appearance. Another great thing is that there are so many different hats to choose from. The options are endless.

Do up your hair – There are many ways to tie up your hair. The most common style is a high ponytail and low ponytail, bun, half tied up, half tied down.

Tie a Headband -headband wig seems to be a trend these days, if you have not a headband wig, you can wear a headband in front of your human hair wig with a patterned headband, which is a super-comfy yet stylish hairstyle.

If you don’t want to overhaul your wig, there are several styles you can use.


Lace human hair wig

There are several unique ways to design your human hair wig. You don’t have to keep your human hair wig the same all the time. There are many options to make it your own. Curling, coloring, and trimming are some of the many ways to personalize your wig. Don’t be afraid to try something different! Take a risk and do something with your wig that you’ve never done before. There are many ways to customize your wig to suit your personality and who you are. Don’t be afraid to express yourself through your hair.

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